Aims and Objectives

a) To regulate wages and conditions of its members and Generally to protect the interests of the members.

 b) To regulate the relations and settle disputes between a member(s) and an employer(s) and/or between a member and another or between members themselves and other workers who are not Union members, by means of amicable agreement whenever possible. 

 c) To provide for members any benefits as the Organs of the Union may from time to time determine.

 d) Generally to promote the social economic interests and educational programmes of the members. 

 e) To promote, aid and encourage establishment of savings and credit cooperative societies, either at branch or National level as may be decided upon by the relevant organs of the Union. 

f) To promote, aid and encourage viable economic projects to improve and strengthen the Union financial base.

 g) To establish and maintain funds by means of entrance fees, voluntary contribution, subscription, levies, and by borrowing on such security and such terms as may form time to time be arranged by the relevant organs of the Union. 

h) To seek and obtain legal advice and any other assistance on matters affecting the Union, protecting the rights of a member(s) on matters arising out of the relationship with their employers. 

i) To co-operate with other Organizations on matters of common interest with a view to taking common action when necessary or desirable.

 j) To acquire either by purchase, lease, or otherwise any moveable, immoveable property or other assets and to sell, to let, to mortgage, to charge or otherwise deal with or dispose off the same.

 k) To pursue any other objects which a labour Union may legally perform in furtherance of the interest of the labour movement.