Union Constitution


Exercising our sovereign and inalienable right to freedom of association and to form/join Labour Unions of our choice for promotion of our social and economic interests/principles and the Constitution making process in order to promote honest, representative, viable, vibrant, voluntary, democratic, independent and free labour Union.

Congnisant of the existing and relevant applicable legal framework, especially the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda that guarantees workers’ freedom to association as a means of improving conditions of labour and that is essential to sustainable progress. Whereas the fundamental and permanent mission of advancement of the economic and social interests of workers is vested in the labour Union movement; We, the Labour Union representatives present, firmly commit ourselves to a unified Uganda, free of oppression and economic exploitation.

We believe that this can only be achieved under the leadership of organized and a united workforce. Now therefore, we the independent registered Labour Union having sat in our Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) do hereby solemnly amend, adopt, enact, promulgate and give to ourselves and to our posterity, this Constitution of Uganda Hotels, Food, Tourism, Supermarkets and Allied workers Union (HTS-Union), this 21st Day of August of 2015.

This Constitution is hereby declared as the Supreme Law of the Union, drawn within the framework of the labour Unions Act, 2006. It takes effect from the date of signature thereon and remains in operation until the Quinquennial Delegates Congress (QDC) or the law of the Land may decide otherwise.


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