a)      The QDC, that shall also be referred to as the Congress, shall be the supreme authority of the Union and shall be held every five (5) years at such time and place as the National Executive Council (NEC) shall determine. 

 b)      The QDC shall be convened by the General Secretary by giving four (4) weeks notice in writing to each branch of the Union.c)      The QDC shall be vested with the powers and obligation to elect the NEC members. 

 d)     The Congress shall consider and decide upon:-(i)       Reports on the activities of the Union during the period under review;(ii)      Financial reports and budgets,(iii)Investment Fund Report,(iv)Organizing /Education reports,(v)      Planning, research and development reports,(vi)Women and Young Workers’ reports(vii)       Proposals for policy formulation and/or ConstitutionalAmendments,(viii)      Elections of new office bearers of the NEC.

 e)      CompositionThe Quinquennial Delegates Congress (QDC) shall be composed of the following:- 

 i)        All members of the National Executive Council

 ii)      All members of the Finance, Administration and General Purpose Committee

 iii)    Trustees of the Unioniv)    All qualifying members of the National Secretariat 

 v)      Delegates from Union Branches and qualifying Shops

 f)       Representation All branches or qualifying shops shall be represented at the Congress(QDC)/Conference according to their paid up membership, on the basis of the Schedule here below provided:- 

 Shop/Branch Membership

 DelegateUp to 100 members    1 (One)   Delegate

 From 101 – 200 members         2 (Two)   Delegates 

From 201 – 400 members         3 (Three) Delegates

 From 401 – 600           members        4 (Four)   Delegates

 From 601 – 800 members        5 (Five)    Delegates

 From 801 – 1000 members      6 (Six)      Delegates

 From 1001 – 1200 members     7 (Seven) Delegates 

Over 1200 members                  7 & 1 (One) Delegate for every 200 additional members

 a)                 Quorum

 The quorum of the Quinquennial Delegates Congress shall be fifty one(51%) of the members entitled to vote. 

 b)                 Motions & Resolutions 

 Motions and Resolutions for discussions at the QDC/ADC and motions for amendments to these Articles shall be forwarded to the office of the General Secretary not later than fourteen (14) days and forty five (45) days respectively before the date of the Congress/Conference.

 c)                  Elections1)      Elections for all officials of the Union at National level shall be coordinated by the National Secretariat and may be supervised by the Ministry responsible for Labour or as may be prescribed by the Law in force. 

 2)      Elections for all Union leaders/Shopstewards at Union Shops and Branches shall be coordinated and or supervised by the National Secretariat. 

 3)      At least thirty 30% of the composition of the NEC positions shall be occupied by women during elections at Union Delegates Conferences. 

 4)      During elections at the branches as long as notice has been given seven days in advance the members available at the designated meeting shall vote.


 i)     The Union shall hold an Annual Delegates Conference every year, to review, consider and approve: 

 a)      Organizational reports 

 b)      Financial reports and Budgets

 c)      Filling vacant positions on the NEC and FAGPC. 


 ii)      Notwithstanding the above provision, NEC may in extenuating circumstances extend the holding of the ADC by a period not exceeding six (6)months. CompositionThe composition of the Annual Delegates Conference shall be the same as that of Quinquennial Delegates Congress.


 a)                  At the request of the majority, i.e. three quarters (3/4) of the members of the Conference, an extra-ordinary/Special Delegates Conference shall be convened.

 b)                  The NEC shall also be authorized to convene this Conference if specific problems/issues have to be dealt with.

c)                  The Delegates shall be notified at the earliest possible opportunity of the reasons for convening an extra–ordinary/Special Delegates Conference as well as the venue and time.

 d)                 Other than the issues that caused the convening of the Conference, no other matters shall be discussed at that SDC. 


 There shall be a National Executive Council known as NEC which shall consist of the following members of which at least thirty percent (30%) shall be women: National Chairperson, Vice National Chairperson, General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary, General Treasurer, Deputy General Treasurer, directly elected Council Members equitably drawn industrially, geographically and Sectorally to balance representation, Chairperson and Secretary Women’s Committee, Chairperson and Secretary Youth Committee, Directors of Directorates/Departments of the Union, Senior Technical Advisor, Assistant General Secretaries in charge of different Sectors.Regional Coordinators or any other person(s) for specified reasons may be co-opted members of this Council as shall be determined by the Council from time to time.

 a) The NEC shall be responsible for the General management, policy direction and control of the Union between Annual Delegates Conferences and all powers of the Conference shall be vested in the NEC.

 b) The NEC shall meet as often as necessary and shall meet at least twice every year to deliberate on issues recommended by the Congress and the ADC and any other matters vital to the Union, and half of the total members shall form quorum. 

 c) The NEC shall implement Union policies, take overall responsibility for the finances and staffing of the Union, direct and co-ordinate the work of standing Committees, through the laid down structures of the Union.

 d) The NEC shall monitor the administration of membership and approve Union recruitment strategies. 

 e) The NEC shall provide the necessary political leadership in respect of member’s needs and the requirements of braches, the general workers and the position of the Labour Union movement. 

 f) The NEC shall establish working parties to address matters of importance to the Union or members and ensure efficiency of administration of Union affairs from time to time. 

 g) The NEC shall determine and define the role, power and functions of lower Organs of the Union offices and officers whose role, power and functions are not defined by this Constitution.

 h) The NEC shall have responsibility for ensuring the effective organization of the Union Conferences and training, and the full democratic involvement of the membership in the decision making process of the Union. 

 i) The NEC shall represent or cause the Union to be represented in legal actions brought for or against the Union and shall be responsible for ensuring that the Union conducts its affairs in accordance with this Constitution and the applicable laws and shall declare, call or direct an industrial action or strike for all members, branch or group of the Union.

 j) The NEC shall have the right to appoint such Committees from amongst its members as it shall deem fit and shall have power to delegate to such Committees any of its functions as it considers appropriate.

 k) The NEC shall interpret the Constitution’s rules and guidelines made there-under in the event of doubt, conflict or dispute, provide for any case on which the Constitution is silent, make such regulations, rules and guidelines as it shall deem necessary, subject to approval by the Conference. 

 l) The NEC shall give directions to the Trustees of the Union as to the management of the funds and property of the Union.

 m) The NEC shall have power to affiliate the Union to any other appropriate body or Council.

 n) The NEC shall convene meetings, and in particular, Delegates Conference meetings, as they may deem fit.

 o) The NEC shall open or close any branch of the Union following consultation with the appropriate regional Council, sector group, branch or branches. 

 p) The NEC shall take all such actions as shall be necessary to ensure that the income, property and funds of the Union are safe guarded, and the objects and purposes of the Union are achieved.

 q) The NEC shall have the power to suspend any Union official or member from office, or from entitlements/benefits provided in this Constitution. 

 r) The NEC shall appoint and control the staff of the Union and determine the benefits, indemnities and working terms and conditions of service for Union officers and its employees, including all those in branches. It shall make regulations and rules for the Union’s fulltime officials and employees and fill vacancies at the Secretariat. 



 There shall be a Committee known as FAGPC that shall consist of National Chairman, Vice National Chairman, General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary, General Treasurer, Deputy General Treasurer, Secretary for women affairs, Secretary for youth and the Directors of departments. The Assistant General Secretaries and regional coordinators may be co-opted members of this Committee as shall be determined by the NEC from time to time. 

 a)      This Committee shall be responsible for the General supervision including Finance matters and direction of the Secretariat on behalf of the Council and the Conference.

 b)      The FAGPC shall have powers to act on behalf of the NEC and its Committees where appropriate and shall seek the endorsement or ratification of the Council upon any exercise of such powers. 

 c)      The FAGPC shall, where appropriate, take on ad-hoc duties and shall also enforce Discipline in the exercise of this function and shall report to the Council for ratification.

 d)     The FAGPC may suspend any branch for refusing or refusal to carry out the rules and decisions of the Superior Organs of the Union. 

 e)      The FAGPC shall have the power to suspend or dismiss any member or branch official if it is satisfied that such official(s) is/are not capable of doing his/her/their jobs, or attempting to disrupt the Union or organization by advocating or threatening cessation or creating a rival organization and/or if he/she has embezzled/misused Union funds and property. 


 a)      There shall be a National Secretariat, which shall manage and administer the Union’s day-to-day business on behalf of the NEC and the Delegates Conferences under the Chairmanship of the General Secretary. 

 b)      The Secretariat shall be responsible for the proper administration of the Union affairs and for implementing decisions passed by the Supervisor Organs. 

 c)      The Secretariat shall have the power to act on behalf of the NEC and its Committees between meetings, where appropriate, in consultation with the National chairperson or chairpersons of the relevant Committees and shall seek the endorsement of the National Executive Council or 


 upon any exercise of such power.d)     The Secretariat, where appropriate, shall take on ad-hoc duties as determined by the NEC or FAGPC.e)      The Secretariat shall determine the schedules, guidelines and duties of regional and branch officials whose responsibilities may not be spelled out in this Constitution. 

 6.7       UNION 


 There shall be established Regional Offices as and when the NEC deems it fit. The regional offices shall be run by Regional Coordinators and any other support staff as may be found necessary. The said staff shall be appointed by the General Secretary and shall report to the office of Planning and Operations or as per the Union Secretariat Organogram.

 6.8              UNION BRANCHES 

 a)      There shall be established Union Branches formed on Numerical or Industrial or Geographical basis.  Where the number or leadership capacity of members in a given geographical area or an industry/firm justifies formation of a branch, such an area or industry/firm shall be allowed to form a branch of the Union as the Secretariat may determine from time to time. 

 a)      Numerical Branch; 

shall be those HTS-Union membership units/organizations whose membership is one hundred and above in a given Union Shop or Company or Industry.

 b)      Industrial Branch;

 shall be those HTS-Union member organizations that are a Chain or Group operating at different locations within Uganda. 

 c)      Geographical Branch;

 shall be those Union Shops that are found in a given sub-region, District(s) that constitute at least five (5) Union Shops.

 Union BranchesStructure 

 Branch statusMinimum membershipIndividual 


 1 – 9 Members

 HTS-Union Shop10 – 99 


 Members & above


 Members & aboveGeographical5 Shops & above 

 6.9              UNION SHOPS

 a)      There shall be established Union Shops from all Organizations that fall under the jurisdiction of the Union as herein embedded in the Constitution. 

 b)      HTS-Union Shop shall be comprised of between ten (10) and one hundred (100) members under the same Employer/Company and under the same premises. 6.10          Branch/Shop Annual General MeetingsBranch and/or Shop Staff Annual General Meetings shall be held after one year from the date it was last held. 

 At least one National official shall attend such meetings to make sure that the business of the meeting is constitutionally conducted.KeywordsSearchFind Us On Facebook Recent NewsHTS-Union Decency CampaignHTS-Union Decency CampaignAugust 5, 2016HTS-Union’s Rights CampaignHTS-Union’s Rights CampaignAugust 5, 2016Photo GalleryWP_20140808_031 WP_20140810_007 WP_20140811_009 WP_20140908_001 WP_20140908_003 WP_20140908_006 WP_20140929_010 WP_20140929_015 WP_20140929_038 WP_20140929_075 WP_20141013_002 2 9 13 14 16 19 33 34 37 Union Flag2aLocation Details