a) Membership of the Union shall be open to all unionisable workers employed in the establishments under the Union demarcation. 

 b) The Union membership shall inter-alia be drawn from the Hotels, Resorts, Lodges, Motels, Inns, Guests Houses, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Members Clubs, Health Clubs, Cafes, Bakeries, Confectionaries, Supermarkets, Supply Chain, Food Processing Plants, Meat Packers, National Parks, Conservation Areas, Sanctuaries, Tour Companies, Golf Courses, Janitorial Firms and Domestic Workers for representation. 

 c) The Union may also represent those employed in other related areas of work especially where the workers from those particular organizations request to join this Union provided that the FAGPC consults the relevant partners and reach a decision.d) The Branch Secretary shall compile a report of the new member(s) to the General Secretary. 

 e) The General Secretary, on receipt of such information from the Branch Secretary, shall issue membership cards together with a registration number to the Branch Secretary for distributing to the new members. 

 f) Honorary members of the Union shall be those persons who will have contributed significantly to the development of the Union as the NEC shall determine from time to time and shall be approved by an ADC. They shall be free to vote or be voted notwithstanding other provisions of this Constitution. 

 g) Associate members shall be individuals or group(s) of individuals or organizations that may seek to work and collaborate with our Union under the terms that shall be determined by the FAGPC. 


 a) Entrance fee for the Union member shall be determined from time to time by the Annual Delegates Conference /Congress.

 b) Monthly subscription shall be 2% of the member’s gross pay or as shall be determined by the Annual Delegates Conference from time to time and/or as shall be guided by the law. 

 c) The membership monthly subscriptions shall be made by check-off system by the respective management(s) and remitted to the Union head office by crossed cheque.

 d) Member(s) shall be disqualified from Union membership and loose all Union benefits if they are in arrears of the Union contribution by their own fault for four (4) months or one hundred and twenty (120) days. 

 e) Members, who are in arrears for no fault of their own making, will continue to be members and enjoy Union benefits as may be determined from time to time by NEC and /or the FAGPC.


 a) Every member shall be entitled to his/her right in decision making pertaining to the Union matters including the right to reasonable opportunity to vote.

 b)  It is only members who are in good standing who shall be entitled to vote or be voted, take part in the Union elections, nomination of officers or Delegates, propose resolutions or generally take part in the democratic process of the Union. 

 c) Each subscribing member of the Union is entitled to receive his/her membership card and any other relevant information pertaining to a member from the National head office. 

 d) All benefits negotiated by the Union accruing to an employee, shall attract a fee or levy by the concerned employee as shall be determined by the NEC or its representative organs.

 e) Where an employee is not a member of the Union but benefits from the CBA shall pay a levy from their monthly wages/salary as shall be determined by the CBA or by the law in force.

 f) Every member shall abide by this Constitution and observe all the rules of the Union as shall be passed by the NEC from time to time.

 g) Copies of the Union Constitution shall be provided to all branches for easy access to the members.

 h) It is the obligation of the member(s) to ensure that his/her subscription is sent to and received by the Union office on its due date. 


 Upon a members death.Upon a member’s resignation from the job.Upon a member’s withdraw by giving ninety (90) days’ notice stating the reason to the General Secretary and shall not be through the agency of the employer and/or the employer.Upon a member dismissal/termination from the job.Upon a member expulsion/dismissal from the Union membership.Upon a member’s failure to subscribe to the Union for one hundred and twenty (120) days.